Sunday, March 13, 2011

Stonewall Book Awards 1990-1999

Literature - Eighty-Sixed by David B. Feinberg [Gay Men's Debut Fiction nominee, Gay Men's Fiction winner  Lambda Literary Awards, 1989]

Non-fiction - Encyclopedia of Homosexuality (William Armstrong Percy) by Wayne Dynes, ed. [Editor's Choice,  Lambda Literary Awards, 1990]
Literature  Crime against Nature by Minnie Bruce Pratt [Lesbian Poetry nominee,  Lambda Literary Awards, 1990]

Non-fiction Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers: A History of Lesbian Life in Twentieth Century America by Lillian Faderman  [Lesbian Non-fiction nominee & Editor's Choice,  Lambda Literary Awards, 1991]
Literature Halfway Home by Paul Monette [Gay Men's Fiction nominee,  Lambda Literary Awards, 1991]

Non-fiction Making History: The Struggle for Gay and Lesbian Equal Rights, 1945-1990 by Eric Marcus [Gay Men's Non-fiction nominee,  Lambda Literary Awards, 1992]
Literature - Ceremonies: Prose and Poetry by Essex Hemphill  [Gay Men's Poetry nominee,  Lambda Literary Awards, 1992]

Non-fiction Family Values: Two Moms and Their Son by Phyllis Burke [Lesbian Biography/Autobiography nominee,  Lambda Literary Awards, 1993]
Literature Stone Butch Blues by Leslie Feinberg [Lesbian Fiction winner,  Small Press Award winner, Lambda Literary Awards, 1993]

Non-fiction Skin: Talking About Sex, Class And Literature by Dorothy Allison [Lesbian Studies winner &  Small press nominee, Lambda Literary Awards, 1994]
Literature Am I Blue?: Coming Out from the Silence by Marion Dane Bauer [Children & YA winner,  Lambda Literary Awards, 1994]

Literature Dream Boy by Jim Grimsley

Non-fiction Geography of the Heart: A Memoir by Fenton Johnson
Literature Hood by Emma Donoghue

Literature Working Parts: A Novel by Lucy Jane Bledsoe

Non-fiction Stagestruck: Theater, AIDS, and the Marketing of Gay America by Sarah Schulman [Lesbian Studies nominee, Drama nominee Lambda Literary Awards, 1998]
Literature The Hours by Michael Cunningham [Gay Men's Fiction nominee Lambda Literary Awards, 1998]