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Webcomics, websites and free online reading about lesbian books, authors and general lesbianism.

Free Lesbian Fiction Online
A list of lesbian stories, from published to fanfiction, that are freely and legally available online (as well as websites to find more).

Whether written and drawn by amateurs or professionals, webcomics change and grow over time. They are very much a living medium, as the skills of the creator improve and as they respond to their audience or as the characters come to life.

The web is still free to publish on, and this means that there are more 'fringe' genres available online than in print. Webcomics are becoming increasingly popular, both to attempt and among online audiences. This means that there are several good GLBT webcomics around - and a great many more that are GLBT-friendly in some way. There's even a webcomic porn site for women.

Other Lesbian Book Review Sites

General LGBT Book Review Sites

Reviews by Publisher on

Other Resources For Lesbian Readers and Writers

Authors' Websites
Authors often offer free content on their sites - these are the sites of some people who write lesbian stories.

Writing Gay Characters is a guide to how to write gay characters normally - without stereotyping, or pushing them awkwardly into prominence. Written by Megan Rose Gedris - probably the best known LGBT-webcomic artist on the web, she offers tips on how to approach your characters, and how to spot if you've gone too far. She also discusses why they're worth including, what they used to be like, and offers a very helpful question and answer section.

Rant on gay and lesbian characters in fantasy by Limyaael on LJ
An awesome and useful rant about some of the most common, and annoying problems with gay and lesbian fantasy characters.

Lesbian full-text works on the web
A list of freely available fiction and nonfiction rounded up by LILAC (Lesbian Information, Library and Archives Centre, Wellington, New Zealand). Mostly older and out of copyright works.

Lesbian Lenses and other Resources
A list of all the lesbian book and film reviews, articles, and other lenses on Squidoo, as well as a few more sites worth checking out.

LGBT Laughs
A LGBT themed humour Tumblr

LGBTQ Advice
A more serious 'help' Tumblr

When I Came Out...
People's stories about their coming out experiences

Rainbow Youth - an Auckland group for queer teens, it's got a small library with some good lesbian books and DVDs, as well as some coming out stories, resources and support.

GLBTQ Books For Teens: An Ultimate Queer Young Adult Resource -   Now moving to Rainbow Reads 
what it says. A huge booklist of... well, pretty much all the gay, lesbian, bisexual, asexual, transgendered, genderqueer, crossdressing YA fiction books out there. And a few nonfiction ones.