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Strangers In Paradise Pocket Book 1 (Strangers in Paradise Pocket Book Collection) (Bk. 1)Strangers in Paradise

If there's one iconic, brilliant graphic novel that I'd recommend, it's the series Strangers In Paradise by Terry Moore. Following Katchoo, her best friend/love of her life Francine, and their friend/beloved David as they grow up and get over their various issues (from self-image to the mob!) together.

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Secret Six: Six Degrees of Devastation
Six Degrees of Devastation

Secret Six
 The Secret Six are a team of minor villains, including the very lesbian Scandal Savage, who attempt to set up house together and earn a living as a team. Sadly, they're a little too dysfunctional...

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Gotham Central Vol. 2: Half a Life (Batman)
Gotham Central:
 Half a Life
Gotham Central 2: Half a Life

 While she's a central character in the entire DC Comics Gotham Central series (a cop drama focussing on Gotham's police department... the most non-corrupt part), the second story of the series, Half a Life, is an awrd-winning graphic novel around Renee Montoya's coming out.

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52 Week Eleven 

52 Week Eleven (11) (DC Comics)
52 Week Eleven
The 52 series published a comic for every week of the year, in a long running and complicated story following the activities of various characters.

In week Eleven, The Question (Renee Montoya) is back in Gotham and keeps running into both her ex-girlfriend, Kate Kane (Batwoman). Turns out there's a mysterious prophecy involving Kate's death at the hands of a cult (a storyline wrapped up in Batwoman: Elegy).

Batwoman: Elegy
Batwoman: Elegy

If you're interested in Gotham Central, but want something a bit more superhero-ish, then the cape swooping rooftop swinging, drama filled, lesbian Batwoman is for you! Detective Comics 854-860, now published as a proper graphic novel in Batwoman: Elegy is an extremely good start on a mainstream lesbian hero.

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 A young adult graphic novel about a girl at high school, suicide, first love, and figuring out who you are. Skim won a very long list of awards and mentions.

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Gingerbread GirlGingerbread Girl

This comic by Colleen Coover and Paul Toibin follows the story Annah. Possibly crazy, certainly a little mad, she juggles boyfriend and girlfriend, and bounces around life in a desperate search for her missing sister, Ginger - who is apparently created from her brain and is the part the does all of the feeling for them both.

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  • Many published lesbian graphic novels were (and are) webcomics. If you want to read them for free online, check out the list of lesbian webcomics.

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