Themed Book Lists

If you're looking for a really specific type of story - lesbians, werewolves, librarians, Snow White, Christmas time, detectives - then the general genres of fantasy and romance and so on obviously are just too generic to be very helpful. So we've started compiling guides to all these very niche characters and story types!

Every book is hand picked from hours of internet browsing and checked (through painstaking Google-fu, if we can't check it physically) for actual relevance. Some are read and reviewed. Many are not, but we're working on it! Some of the lists are very short (e.g. Asexuals, Knights and Librarians) while others are clearly very popular topics among authors (vampires and shapeshifters and historical fiction).

The links below are all to our very focused book lists of themed lesbian fiction, so pick the topic you love best and browse. Bear in mind that book lists are 'mostly comprehensive lists of books'. We don't like throwing up half finished lists. So in the meantime, check out the tags as well. We've reviewed plenty of bisexual books, for example, but we're very picky about what gets that label, as it's such a badly represented identity.

Some of our older lists need tidying up, and ALL the lists usually get a few new books added each year as we come across new titles.

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Contemporary/General (cultures, jobs, events)

Fantasy, Scifi, Historical & Paranormal

Young Adult & Children

Mental & Physical Illness/Disabilities
*We're not experts; if we've used the wrong term, please let us know.

Other Identities
*We're aware that it can be weird and problematic to tag some of these books under "lesbian". We're using it as a short hand descriptor of "this girl likes that other girl and wants to pair up in some way for a certain amount of time". Basically, if you sort of fall into one of these categories, we've tried to group it so that you can find people like you to read about without having to squint or suspend disbelief, even if it isn't an exact match.

Also, it is reaaaaally tricky separating out different hues of the spectrum when there are so many books to look through and so few examples of some of those hues. We gladly welcome suggestions and recommendations and corrections.

Best Seller Lists

Comics, Manga & Graphic Novels


And over on Squidoo is where we keep the non-exhaustive, but hopefully a good starting lists that we haven't had time to write up a 'real' list for yet (slowly being moved back because Squidoo keeps breaking things).

Looking for another book just like the one you just read that we haven't covered yet? Try these reader's guides:

Please note: these are intended to be complete lists, so include books we haven't read. We link to our reviews if we've read them, summarise based on other people's reviews if we haven't, and are updating whenever possible. If you know of any books that aren't on the lists below and should be, we do appreciate recommendations! And if you see something that really deserves a review... good or bad, we do take guest reviews.

Do you have a request for a new list? We're always happy to hunt down and compile books on a certain topic! You can also explore the hundreds of handpicked and carefully organised books in the Good Lesbian Books Amazon Store. (Literally - hundreds of hand selected and content-checked books *massages wrist and flexes hand to get some feeling back*)


  1. This is one of the most brilliant things I've seen lately! Thanks for putting those lists together!
    I'd really like seeing a list on detective novels, though.It's such a popular genre, there's got to be something out there, right?

    1. Haha, thank you!

      Oh god. Yes. The reason there isn't one of those yet is because there are So. Many. Books.

      We've reviewed a few, which you can check out here

      and a lot of the older awards posts have crime categories.

      There are also quite a lot of other sites dedicated to mysteries, like

      But your interest is noted and we will have to definitely publish something at some point.

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