Guest Posting Event 2012

It's our birthday! And we baked a cake to share!

Lesbian Birthday Cake by GoodLesbianBooks
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The Introducing Lesbian Fiction 2012 Event is a guest posting week to celebrate the first anniversary of Good Lesbian Books. We asked for people to send us their recommendations for a book for a first time lesbian reader.

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Guest Posts & Contributors
 To the contributors: if there is anything you want changed, from the name or username you are credited under to details in your post, please let us know!

Introducing Lesbian Fiction: Have Your Say!
We've all got different opinions, tastes, reading history, senses of humour, and hairstyles. So in the interests of SCIENCE, curiousity, and compiling an awesome list of the best lesbian books for beginner, drop us a comment below! (If the event is still going when you read this, you're welcome to send us an entire post instead!)

Which lesbian book should you read first? Leave us a comment here!