Sunday, March 11, 2012

Introducing Lesbian Fiction: Robin

Robin is a first time reader of lesbian fiction and recommends Goodbye Martha by Ella Sandwell 
*(it comes in an explicit and a non-explicit version, which can be a little confusing).

Which lesbian book should you read first?

Goodbye Martha by Ella Sandwell is a true "coming out" story that is absolutely believable. The story is intense, heart warming and at times funny. Partner it with lite erotica, the book makes for a fantabulous read. Ella is on a mission to make up for lost time.

I have read a couple of chapters of the regular version online. The book absolutely stands alone without the erotica.

Let me explain it this way. The regular version is ice cream with delicious sprinkles and a good dollop of whipped cream, nuts and a cherry. This is all some readers want. But still delicious. The explicit version is ice cream, double hot fudge, triple nuts, quadruple whipped cream and quintuple cherries. There is a version for everyone. But I prefer the double hot fudge version. Buy whatever version you prefer. BUT DO BUY IT. As I stated before, Goodbye Martha is a fantabulous read!

*This was my very first lesbian book. It was great. Enough detail in the explicit version. Since it was a "coming out" story, I felt this book might be an excellent starting point. Ella Sandwell "friended" many of the members of the Patricia Cornwell Facebook site. So Ella was instrumental in my reading of my first lesbian book. Ella is responsible for this review and I am happy to write this for her. I thank her immensely for my introduction to this genre. I have no idea what to read next, as the kinds of lesbian books are foreign to me.

Robin is a self confessed first time reader of lesbian literature, who considers herself straight but is open to experimentation should the right situation arise, and knows a lot of lesbians. She's worked in the GYN field for over thirty years, and no, that doesn't mean gynaecology.
Disclaimer: written by GLB from provided details! Robin, your email didn't work, please let us know if you want anything changed, removed or added. 
Second disclaimer: Email still doesn't work, our replies keep bouncing!

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