Monday, March 12, 2012

Introducing Lesbian Fiction: DocJudy

DocJudy is a committed reader, and supporter, of lesbian literature. She recommends the first book in the Tierra del Fuego, Colony Ship science fiction series, Parting Shots by Caron Cro.

So, what makes for a good first lesbian novel reading experience? I would argue that it is the same thing that makes for a good reading experience , regardless of the sexual orientation. It should be smart with viable conflicts and relationships, surrounded by the issues that engage us today. It should entertain, while pushing us to consider the shadows of our own spirituality and the dark places of our social consciousness. Tierra del Fuego, Colony Ship: Parting Shots by Caron Cro does all of these things and more.

It prods us to look beyond our egocentric humanity and our notions of “family” to the formation of a society in which multi-ethnicity is the norm and sexual orientation is not a concern. Cro’s main characters are strong, intelligent, gifted lesbians who provide the first time lesbian reader with role models to be emulated. Protagonist, Lt. Trevathin Ivins, an Environmental Systems Engineer , Dr. Evangelena Hebert, a research primatologist and ship’s veterinarian, ship’s physicians Anjelica Flores and Jazzmin Hanks ,and Avery, Food Services officer. All are vibrant, pro-active, women who love women and each other. This book is action-packed, thought–provoking and reality based.

I am an educator that believes we should encourage all lesbians to value our intellect, our culture and our environment . The more opportunities we have to experience this through literature the stronger our community becomes.

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