Thursday, August 11, 2011

Free Lesbian Stories & Books Online

This is just a quick list of complete lesbian stories that are available legally and in full on the interwebs, as well as sites that you can find more lesbian writing on for free. It will be added to over time. They range from public domain works, to fiction and fanfiction sites, to actual published work made available by the authors.

For other free stuff, check out previews on author websites and the list of lesbian webcomics, and the main Free Stuff Online page.

Recent works made available by their authors and publishers
From successful published works to random fiction posted on the internet. 

Older books now out of copyright, on the Gutenberg Project.

And you can find some Public Domain titles as free Kindle eBooks, too...

Sites to browse for more online lesbian fiction
Mostly original lesbian fiction and erotica

General Femslash Fanfiction Sites

Xena Fanfic & Uber Fanfic Femslash Sites
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Femslash Fanfic 

Baen Books
The Baen Science Fiction and Fantasy publishers website offer a number of free downloadable books, from a wide range of authors (including some very big names, such as David Weber and the ever gay-friendly Mercedes Lackey), in the belief that raising awareness of an author's work brings better rewards than trying to limit piracy.

I can't point to any specifically lesbian titles available, but some of the authors that appear on Baen  Books may also appear on the Sci-Fi/fantasy list, even if the titles themselves are different (I know some have definitely written gay-friendly novels). New books are put up occasionally, and upcoming releases are often available as previews.


    1. Hi, there's a link problem in the recent works section. In the works of Nicola Griffith, "Down the Path of the Sun" links to "Song of Bullfrog, Cry of Geese" while it should be linking to

      Oh, and thanks for the list, it's great!

    2. Hi Good Lesbian Books,
      I wonder if you might consider listing my erotic stories blog in this section..? I write fantasy short stories and episodic novels based on the output of my overactive imagination, all of them intended to be uplifting and thoughtful.
      It is here:
      I have not yet finished a full novel (you can be sure I will ask for your review when I'm done!) but my blog has had some lovely reviews and comments so far and may interest your audience.