Thursday, March 3, 2011

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Lovers III (Legs in Bed) Art Poster Print - 24x36
Lovers III (Legs in Bed)
Art Poster Print - 24x36
If you have any comments on the site, contributions you would like to make towards the reviews, or suggestions for titles or links, please comment here or email us here.

I'd love guest reviews of any titles - even if I've already reviewed it, as a second opinion is always interesting to compare with. I will gladly include a link back to your site and any other relevant details. You can check out the guidelines on submitting guest reviews here.

If you want me to review your book, please nip over to this page.

Suggestions for review are gladly accepted, but I have trouble finding a lot of titles in NZ so may not be able to review all of them. I also have to sleep and feed the cat occasionally.

If you found a typo or a broken link, or an actual mistake - please let me know.

If the theme hurts your eyes, or you find the category system confusing or you found a recommendation I made helpful, then again - tell me!

If you'd like your comment deleted for privacy reasons, then let me know when you comment (Or you know, right after, with another comment. and then you can comment again to ask that comment to be deleted and then... )


  1. Nice to see a website that actually talks about Lesbian Books. I'm curious to poke around a bit more.
    On your webcomics list though I was wondering if I could toss my own creation your way for an eventual review?

  2. Certainly! I've added it, and I *plan* to review the whole list. Eventually >.> So at some point it should get a blurb.

    And I hope you find the site useful. Or entertaining. One or the other :D

  3. I actually do! Sorry I've been in the grind for a a bit at work.

  4. Hi, Flynn! I was wondering if you would consider reviewing my newly published novel, MOONGLOW. MOONGLOW is a sci-fi lesbian romance set in a future fashion world. You may read all about it here: -- Is there an e-mail I may reach you at?

    Thx in advance!

    Be Sweet,


  5. Hi Charlie - I'd love to! Dropping over to your blog now.

  6. Hey Flynn:

    This is a wonderful and needed Website for readers and authors. Thank you. Would you be interested in reviewing Sweet Justice, a mystery/suspense? You can read about the story here: You can also contact me through the Website.

    Many thanks,

  7. Related question, I'm a library science graduate student and I am putting together a website for an activism project. The site is called Queer for Books. It has resources for librarians on making their libraries more LGBT-friendly and fun links for readers as well. I know that this place has a lot of LGBT folk on it which is why I figured that it would be a good place to ask some questions. I've been having trouble on the bigger gay forums on getting any attention about this but I was hoping that you ladies would be willing to help me out by reposting this on your blog and perhaps getting a discussion going on this issue.

    I have only two questions for you guys and your readers.

    What is lacking from your library experience (public, academic, etc) in terms of LGBT representation and outreach?
    What would you like to see from libraries in terms of LGBT representation and outreach?

    I've been reviewing literature and I haven't been able to find much about LGBT-specific reader's advisory or representation that is current (even the decade old stuff is scarce). I would really appreciate this feedback. I'm going to be volunteering at my local LGBT library this summer which is going through renovations and changes. I hope to use this project as a jump off place for future pathfinders, outreach, and collection development there. 

    If you are so inclined and have some resources to share, check out  Queer for Books and let me know if I am missing a vital site. I know that my resources for POC, bisexuals, and transgender people aren't as numerous as those for gays and lesbians. Its also pretty American-centric with only a couple of international resources which I would love to add too. I'd appreciate suggestions. 

    I know this is a long shot because this is purely a review site but if you can spare an entry that would be wonderful. Its totally cool, if not. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Samantha, we'd love to be involved in that - awesome topic. We'll see if we can put something together on it.

      As for resources... Those are all areas we're keen on improving ourselves. Generally, if we know about it and think it's worth linking to, it's on the site (see ). Obviously it's heavy on the L, and the book reviewing side. Some of the links at the end might be useful to you, though.