Sunday, March 6, 2011

Author Websites

A very much in progress list of lesbian author's sites and the content they offer.

Nicola Griffith
Nicola Griffith writes crime/mystery stories, as well as science-fiction. She has sections for both Web-exclusive content and free downloadable short stories on her site. She's a very good writer, and one I recommend (even if her homepage is horrible to look at!). I discovered her through the Bending the Landscape anthology. She has taught self defense, and has multiple sclerosis.

Her partner, Kelley Eskridge, writes similar speculative science fiction and offers similar free content on her site.  She is best known for her short fiction, which you can read some of online (And Salome Danced, Strings and Dangerous Space are all from her book Dangerous Space). There are also some essays on sexuality and science fiction, some co-written with Nicola Griffith, and the first chapter of her novel, Solitaire (a futuristic science fiction lesbian romance that has a very similar concept to Slow River).

L-J Baker
L-J Baker writes fantasy romance, and is very active in lesbian fiction communities online. She has a lot of resources and links to book communities and publishers on her site, as well as advice for would-be authors. You can read the first chapters of her books from the Fiction page. I've only read (and reviewed) Broken Wings so far, but it was good and her other novels look well worth the effort of checking out.

The Strangers In Paradise Website 
Terry Moore's official website about the graphic novel series Strangers In Paradise. Here you can find art, lyrics and other material from the books.

Ivan E. Coyote
The official site of lesbian author, Ivan E. Coyote includes a page of free short stories - (excerpts from her short story anthologies)

Karin Kallmaker
A frequently award winning lesbian romance writer, her blog can be found at Romance and Chocolate: Writing, Reading and Lesbians.

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