Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Go Get A Roomie: Webcomic

Go Get A Roomie is one of my favourite new lesbian webcomics on the web. It is drawn by Nana-51 on DeviantART, and follows the adventures of Roomie (real name unknown, she's a perpetual house-hopping room-mate), and her unwilling new friend, Lillian.

Go Get A Roomie Lesbian Comic Strip

Roomie loves girls, randomly hooking up with lots of strangers and drinking. She's a cheerful, lovable, friendly and horny blonde hippy who everyone knows. After a bit of an introduction to her personality, following her around, we learn that she lives very much in the now, sleeps with girls in order to have a place to stay each night (well... she'd sleep with them anyway), that she loves 'everybody' (to the heartbreak of one guy) and that she adores teh boobies, as well as casual nudity. Oh, and beer. She likes that too.

She gets very drunk and ends up in the house of Lillian (a.k.a.  Lazy Tyke), a perpetually depressed and narcoleptic girl, who's completely oblivious both to Roomie's innuendo and outright attempts to get in her pants, and her brother's attempts to set the two of them up. After throwing Roomie out of her house so she can keep sleeping, she has to hunt her down and apologise... never to be rid of Roomie again.

While it is ostensibly about lesbian sex, the characters steal the show easily.

Format and style: In smooth black lines, and grayscale backgrounds, it's easy on the eyes - the artist has a distinctive and attractive cartoon style and plenty of practice with comic strips. The format is always a single strip of four panels.

Maturity: Casual nudity, occasionally semi-explicit discussions around sex, so not really safe for work.

I was following the artist, and the beginning of the comic on DeviantART beforehand, and was delighted when it made the shift to 'real' webcomic, settling down into a regular update schedule at the start of 2011.

The artist also has an art blog and a DeviantART account, and is known for drawing a lot of femslash (e.g. Kim Possible x Shego; Disney; Harvey x Ivy, Xena x Gabrielle, Avatar characters... to name but a few). She also has a comic on Filthy Figments. Overall, definitely worth checking out.

Go Get A Roomie currently updates Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

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  1. I also love this comic. Been up all night reading it and it's amazing. I like this review it's totally on track and well-written. Love it. By the way, my site isn't finished yet.

  2. I sat down and read every page last night. It's my new fav comic.

  3. Love this comic, totally in love with the characters,I like how Lazy Tyke can bring out Roomie's weakness whereas Roomie brings out Lazy Tyke's sense of fun.