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6th Annual Lambda Literary Awards 1993

6th Annual Lambda Literary Award Winners and Finalists

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1993 Categories
Overview of yearly categories
  • Lesbian
    • Biography/ Autobiography, Fiction, Mystery, Poetry, Studies
  • General LGBT
    • Anthology, Children's/ Young Adult, Drama, Humour, Science fiction/ Fantasy
  • Gay Men's
    • Biography/ Autobiography, Fiction, Mystery, Poetry, Studies
  • Other Awards
    • Editor's Choice Award, Publisher's Service Award, Small Press Award

Lesbian Biography/ Autobiography

Winner: Marguerite Yourcenar: Inventing a Life by Josyanne Savigneau (University of Chicago)

Marguerite Yourcenar: Inventing a Life

Lesbian Fiction

Winner: Written on the Body by Jeannette Winterson (Knopf)
Written on the BodyNominees:

Lesbian Mystery

Winner: Divine Victim by Mary Wings (Dutton)
Divine Victim


Lesbian Poetry

Winner: The Marvelous Arithmetics of Distance by Audre Lorde (Norton)

The Marvelous Arithmetics of DistanceNominees:

Lesbian Studies

Winner: Boots of Leather, Slippers of GoldBoots of Leather, Slippers of Gold: The History of a Lesbian Community by Elizabeth Kennedy and Madeline Davis (Routledge)
Boots of Leather, Slippers of Gold: The History of a Lesbian Community

LGBT Anthologies

Winner: Lesbian and Gay Studies Reader by Henry Abelove, Michele Aina Barale and David Halperin (Routledge) (GLBT)

The Lesbian and Gay Studies ReaderNominees:

LGBT Children's & Young Adult

Winner: The Cat Came Back by Hilary Mullins (Naiad) (lesbian, YA)

Living in SecretNominees:

LGBT Drama

Winner: Angels in America: Millenium Approaches by Tony Kushner (TCG)
Angels in America, Part One: Millennium Approaches

LGBT Humour

Winner: Spawn of Dykes to Watch Out For by Alison Bechdel (Firebrand) (lesbian) [Graphic novel, see all award winning comics]

Spawn of Dykes to Watch Out for: CartoonsNominees:

LGBT Science Fiction & Fantasy

Winner: The Fifth Sacred Thing by Starhawk (Bantam) (Science fiction, utopia, lesbian)

The Fifth Sacred ThingNominees:

Gay Men's Biography/ Autobiography

Winner: Genet by Edmund White (Knopf)


Gay Men's Fiction

Winner: Living Upstairs by Joseph Hansen (Dutton)

Living UpstairsNominees:

Gay Men's Mystery

Winner: Catilina’s Riddle by Steven Saylor (St. Martin’s)
Catilina's Riddle: A Novel of Ancient Rome (Novels of Ancient Rome)


Gay Men's Poetry

  • Collected Poems by James Schuyler (Farrar, Straus & Giroux)
  • 1990 by Michael Klein (Provincetown Arts)
Collected Poems


Gay Men's Studies

Winner: Conduct Unbecoming by Randy Shilts (St. Martin’s)

Conduct UnbecomingNominees:

A Star-Bright Lie
Editor's Choice: A Star Bright Lie by Coleman Dowell (Dalkey Archive) (gay male)

Publisher's Service Award: Michael Denneny, St. Martin’s Press

Small Press Awards

Stone Butch Blues: A Novel


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