Sunday, August 4, 2013

Lesbians in Sport: Fiction & Nonfiction

This is a quick list of fiction and nonfiction books about lesbian sports players in which the sport plays a major part of the story or subject matter. It's not a complete list because 'plays sport a lot in the book' isn't always an easy thing to search for and some only made it onto here because we'd read them (but it's been sitting around in drafts for ages, so we'll add to it as we find more).

Women in sport have historically had plenty of problems, usually being relegated to 'lesser' sports and roles, so there are plenty of nonfiction books looking at that - both the queer aspect and the gender aspect. There are also several butch sporty types in romance and young adult books, and even a couple of self defense/martial arts teachers.

The adult lesbian books are mostly about tennis, and are mostly romance (but then, aren't most lesbian books?), while the YA books are generally about basketball and softball, and all the biographies are about the tennis star Martina Navratilova.


Romance: Tennis, soccer, basketball, boxing, rowing, softball, mountain running, biking, martial arts, sailing, surfing

Other / General Fiction: Martial arts, golf, swimming, running, boxing, baseball, basketball

Young Adult: Basketball, softball, baseball, cycling




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  1. Missing books on the list:

    Lynn Galli - Full court pressure (basketball)
    Kenna White - Romancing the Zone (basketball)
    Kristen Garrett - Lady Lobo (basketball)
    Joyce Bright - Sunday's Child (running)
    Karis Walsh - Worth the Risk (Horse riding)
    Bella Reilly - High Intensity (Mountaineering)
    Yolanda Wallace - Murphy's Law (Mountaineering)
    R. L. Johnson - Take time out (basketball)
    Ali Vali - Lovematch (tennis)
    D. Jackson Leigh - Bareback (Horse riding)

    1. Thank you! Full Court Pressure is under the YA list already, but I'll add all the rest now.

    2. Welcome. Full Court Pressure is not a YA book.

    3. Oh my goodness, you're right. I must have been very confused when I added that title, I just didn't look at at after that.

  2. Again, a great list with some unfamiliar titles I'd love to try!