Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Book Review: The Two Princesses and the Battle of Tresent by Carey Casile

The Two Princesses and the Battle of Tresent by Carey Casile  is a fantasy adventure story that's um. Not that good.

I picked this up for free on Amazon (and also saw it on Barnes & Noble where it had a suspicious number of glowing reviews), and it has since been taken down, but as I have already written the review, and on the off chance copies are still floating around and you're wondering whether to read it, here it is (also because I had great fun writing the review and don't want to waste all these scathing sentences). Speaking of sentences, that was a pretty long one.

This story. Was. Terrible. Each sentence was fine, even good, but they often had no real connection to the sentences around it. This is not a short story. It's a novel, which has had every other line snipped out to save space. 

The plot is cringe worthy, though it could be developed into something great, if it was ever fleshed out. But basically the princess loves her servant, who dressed in rags while the princess is pampered, the King is evil and marries her to an evil prince, she conspires to escape with her beloved and tries to (quite remorselessly) murder the prince, who is understandably upset and tries  to execute them. They escape, end up in a nearby forest full of undead and monsters who prepare to kill them, until they're rescued by the dead Queen's long lost lady love. They then learn sword fighting and archery in two days, mount up on flying unicorns and lead an army of creatures back to kill everybody in the area, including the prince and the King, to create a new reign of acceptance and tolerance. After which the princess almost single-handedly wipes out and routs and invading army, and then marries her beloved.

That summary? Was more coherent than the original story. And don't even get me started on the mental whiplashes involved.

Looking for something good to read instead?

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