Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Lesbian and Her Bodyguard: A Romance Book List

The bodyguard romance is a well established trope of romance fiction, and lesbian romances have their fair share of deadly, professional bodyguards and their lovely, rich wards.  Most of the books are light romance, but there are a few fantasy novels as well.

This is one of those topics that's difficult to find books for, unless you actually read them, as the bodyguard role isn't always described as such. So this is a pretty short list, for the moment.

"Easy" Romance
 (also known as chicklit, trashy romance, quick reads, or "let's just skip to the sex already"...)

Modern Bodyguards
Protecting the lives and reputations  of the rich and spoilt

Falling For the Bad Girl
...sometimes the bodyguard is more of a "guard": kidnappings and betrayal


  • Personal Protection by Tracey Shellito
    • The only non-romance story here, this one is a lot darker. Trigger warning for rape.


If you're enjoying the dynamic of protector and protected, the Pirate and Knight book lists are worth a look.

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