Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lawyer Romances & Other Lesbian Lawyer Books

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Looking for lesbian lawyer romances? Whether you want a smart lesbian attorney that gets distracted from her ambitious case loads by a pretty face, a brave lawyer rushing in to protect a woman in need, or sparks flying and eyes clashing between two women across a courtroom, then break out your legal metaphors because there are quite a few books out there.

Lawyers are a pretty popular profession in lesbian romance, because they're smart, successful, and often socially powerful people who can be lonely and overworked, save the day, work strenuously to protect an innocent, or provide a threat in the form of complicated legal problems. All of these are perfect conditions for romance! And if you like your lawyer books to be a bit more meaty, there are some lawyer mysteries as well.

There's also a list of law-related nonfiction at the end, in case the fiction whets your appetite for some real legal research.


Romances: Clashes in the Courtroom
Workplace relationships that turn steamy

Romances: Falling For A Lawyer
When lawyers fall in love with their clients (and other people!)

Also See:

Legal Briefs - a GLBT Anthology based around lawyer romances.


Lesbian Lawyer Mysteries
When lawyers take the law into their own hands



Nonfiction: Lesbians and the Law
Guides for lawyers, about legal rights and legal histories

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