Friday, September 6, 2013

Non-Human Lesbians in Fantasy Fiction (Mermaids, Elves and Immortals)

Considering the rich scope offered by fantasy, there are surprisingly few inhuman lesbians. This is a list of fantasy (paranormal, high and science fiction-ish) books featuring main, or major, lesbian elves, angels, ghosts and goddesses, as well as other miscellaneous beings.

Some of the names/species are best guess approximations, as some characters are never labelled in their books, or are given a different, unique name.

Vampires, Zombies, Werewolves and other Shapeshifters are not included, because they have their own subgenres of (mostly) paranormal romance, and there are too many to bother re-listing here, so check out the individual lists of each.

Elves/ Fay/ Faeries

  • Banshee's Honor by Shaylynn Rose - A fairly epic fantasy of magic and kingdoms, including inhuman races, and our main character, the half-elf, Azhani Rhu'len. (fantasy)
  • Long Hot Summoning - Diana's girlfriend is a street kid turned into a Mall Elf by various magical forces (urban fantasy)
  • Darkling by Yasemine Galenorn; half fae vampire (paranormal romance)
  • Morning Rising by Samantha Boyette- Both the girls in changelings, sent to the human world from their home world. It is implied that they are elves or fay, though they never actually name their species. (young adult, fantasy)  
  • Ginny's Capture, a zombie short story; is implied to be some type of faerie; she passes for human but has magical abilities and is governed by the rules of magical society, not the human one. (paranormal romance)
  • Dark Elf by Jordan Falconer - protagonists are Dark (Drow) & Forest Elves (fantasy, romance)
  • Bourn's Edge by Barbara Davies - a librarian flees to Wales and meets an exiled Fae, disguised as a local artist. Cue magical showdowns and love. (fantasy, romance)

Goddesses, Magic Users & Immortals

  • Gossamer Axe by Gael Baudino : harper from 600AD cursed with immortality by the Sidhe [review]

Spirits and Ghosts
NB: As in ghosts that actually play a role in the story and interact with another character in it.

  • 'Beside the Well' by Leslie Watt; A short story in the Bending the Landscape: Fantasy anthology: The ghost of First Wife rescues her abused successor and the two become lovers. [review]

Mermaids and Assorted Mythological Creatures

  • The Mermaid's Madness by Jim C Hines includes an apparent acceptance of same sex/bisexual relations among the merfolk, with two sisters becoming queens together at the end, because one can't fulfill her reproductive spawning pheromone role. [review]
  •  "Darling It's Betta Down Where It's Wetta" by Megan Rose Gedris, a porn webcomic about a mermaid who is transformed into a human girl, and then back again. Hosted on Filthy Figments, which we wrote about here.

Monsters & Demons

  • Earth Mother's Grace by Anthony Baus: Hassaket in is a Herald of one of the Hells of that world; a red skinned, winged, demon woman.[review] [book no longer available]
  • "Horny For You" by Chloe C., a beautifully drawn lesbian erotica featuring a girl with a magical eye and a demon queen (and various background demons.  Hosted on Filthy Figments, which we wrote about here.

  • The Blade to Your Hand by M.C.A. Hogarth: A pirate Lioness Mazalaen and spotted feline (Ocelot? Leopard?) Princess Qethryn.

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  2. There are a lot of works with inhuman lesbian minor characters- so much that tvtropes made it a trope

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