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Lesbian Zombie Fiction

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Lesbian horror has been dominated by urban paranormal werewolf and vampire stories for a long time, but there has been a recent surge in zombie stories.

Lesbian zombie stories range from erotic romances between women thrown together by the zombie threat to full blown zombie apocalypes featuring real lesbian women. There are a few odd ones as well, and unfortunately, some very token lesbian characters.

For some quick zombie hits, the Lesbians Vs Zombies series is a good place to start. For more serious (and seriously gory) reading matter, the 'General' list of books ranges from scary to surreal.

Lesbians Vs. Zombies

The Lesbians Vs. Zombies series is published by Noble Romance about ... well, lesbians and zombies. Sometimes the lesbians are the zombies, and sometimes they're fighting the zombies, and sometimes they are hiding from the zombies. With a couple of exceptions, they are all softcore erotic romances, and range from science fiction, to urban paranomal fantasy to historical fantasy. The horror level goes from terrifying to 'adventure'. They are generally well written, some predictable and some not, and - as long as you aren't expecting too much - provide for a quick, fun read.

The series is comprised of several novellas, a bit too short for a full novel but probably coming out as an anthology at some point. They are all written by different authors and aim to fill the lamentable gap in lesbian zombie horror. As far as I can see, the series is ongoing.

The books in the series are (in publication order):
They are only available in eBook format, and currently cost $3 each.
  • The Zombie With Flowers In Her Hair by KevaD
    • An undead young woman dreams of a beautiful zombie. A touching story of undead hippies in 1969, this is a much sweeter, and less explicit, story than the rest, and includes plenty of humour. 
  • Dead Kitties Don't Purr by Amber Green  [reviewed]
    • A zombie virus is sweeping the country, and everyone's desperately trying to pretend that it's normal, when it reaches the local college, leading to new lovers and friends having to survive the police and the zombies alike, and wait for rescue. Dystopian scifi.
  • Undead Reflections in a Jaundiced Eye by K.B. Cutter
    • A group of bikers are trapped together as civilisation crumbles and the zombie horde approaches, and love races to be acknowledged before everyone gets eaten. End of the world, and love versus cynicism.
  • Zapocalypse-The Midnight Special by D. Dye
    • Two lesbians battle the marauding redneck zombies in a small hick town in southern Georgia. Comedic ass kicking.
  • Dead Means Dead by J.S. Wayne
    • Two girls meet and fall in love while rehearsing a College play, only to have people start turning into zombies all over campus. Standard zombie hordes and end of the world sex.
  • Ginny's Capture by Ellie Heller [reviewed]
    • Two estranged lovers get back together while tracking down local criminal zombie activity. Urban fantasy, military and healer pairing.
  • Nether Regions by Jadette Paige
    • Set in ancient Greece, two Amazon lovers are sent to fight the undead Spartans, in a wager of the Gods. Erotic, sword swinging adventure, but don't expect too much historical or mythological accuracy.
  • Midnight Melody by Kate Devlin
    • A career focused woman drags her lover into zombie country to track down her ex in order to progress her musical career. Dyke drama, erotic romance, and the scary/gore side of zombie horror.
These titles are all still to be published
  • Dead Heat by Ren Thompson  Not yet on Amazon
  • The Grave Dancer’s Kiss by Xcognito  Not yet on Amazon
  • Evening at the M.U.T by R. Renee Vickers Not yet on Amazon

The official website is here: and also contains some free stories to read by some of the authors involved.

Other Lesbian Zombie Stories


A well reviewed story about a small group of survivors, in a town where all the adults became zombies. The main character is a black lesbian teen, who has just fallen in love when the zombies arrive. Graphic gore and emotional heartstring tugging, and awesome lesbian and straight teen characters. Also unfortunately cancelled, so the book ends on a cliffhanger.

These range from lesbians on the run from zombies, zombie apocalypes and parnormal horror to 'lesbian character or twist' that isn't exactly... worth reading if you're looking for good lesbian literature.

  • As The World Dies: The First Days: A Zombie Trilogy by Rhiannon Fraser 
    • Thelma and Louise meets The Walking Dead. Two women (one lesbian, one straight) bond on the run from zombies. One of the rare 'proper' zombie apocalypse books written by a woman. While a generally well written book, it is let down when the lesbian turns conveniently bisexual in order to introduce romantic tension.
  • Eat Your Heart Out by Dayna Ingram 
    • A kickass, wisecracking, zombie fighting, lesbian romance story, set in a mall in Ohio. Recommended.
  • Far by Sarah Diemer [short story - read the review] 
    • A post apocalyptic, somewhat surreal short story about two girls trapped in a hopeless machine city. Reviving the dead as zombie like people is possible, though dangerous, and when one of them dies, the other revives her against her wishes, setting off an unpredictable chain of events.
  • Lifehack by Joseph Picard 
    • Two woman in a city of walking dead, one lesbian and in love, the other straight.
  • Man Eaters by Linda Kay Silva
    • A classic zombie virus apocalypse survival story, Man Eaters follows three women who band together to survive, and claw a small family together in the middle of zombie horror. Adventurous, gripping and well written, it follows a familiar storyline and feel as zombie video games, such as The Last of Us. With a lesbian author, and gay and straight characters, this is a lesbian friendly story that's all about the plot. 
    • Continued in The Horde, where the lesbian romance is developed further.
  • Necrologue: The Diva Book of the Dead and the Undead edited by Helen Sandler
    •  An anthology of horror stories about the undead by lesbian authors. It should appeal to those with a more literary bent, but I can't figure out if it contains any actual zombies. 
  • Zombie Lesbian Flesh Eaters by Mike Cormack. 
    • A spoof horror novel. The 'lesbian' part is, as far as I can, that some of the zombies are allegedly lesbian. Buy it for the zombies, not the lesbians.

  • Adventuresses by Angelia Sparrow [anthology of lesbian erotica, from steampunk to zombies: seems to have actual stories and be written by a woman for women]
Lesbian Zombies T-shirt
Lesbian Zombies T-shirt

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  1. I cannot express how much I needed this list in my life.

  2. Well, this list really wouldn't be complete without Lesbian Zombies from Outer Space! It's a limited-series, full-color comic where flawed male fantasy turns to nightmare. Read the first issue online for free:

    (Granted, it has more of a male audience in mind, but at the end of the day it is pro-lesbian.)

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