Sunday, July 7, 2013

Just a quick note... say this site IS still alive, nothing major has happened, and we'll be posting again soon.

We stopped posting because:

a) Blogger changed it's format, which absolutely wrecked my reviewing flow, and I left half a dozen posts unfinished and waited (never a good move!), thinking I'd get used to it. I'm now half used to it. It's not bad, it just messes with the mindset I get into when I write reviews.
b) I discovered... eventually, that I needed new glasses, but had a few months of headaches every time I picked up a book, so I haven't been reading much.
c) classes! I went back to uni, and Cress is still at uni, and it's scary how busy that makes you.
d) once something drops off the list and you're already 'late' with it, it becomes very, very easy to keep procrastinating on it in favour of other things. Also, that includes avoiding the email account because I know it's going to be stuff to the gills with emails.
Also e) it's still scary how many people want stuff reviewed. We may have to change how we accept stuff (only take requests in the first week of the month or something), because it takes far too long to get through them all, and this site was originally set up largely to review existing fiction, and I'd like to read more of that! There's also a fair backlog of old posts and things that I really want to edit or finish off properly, and of course, the lists all probably need updating!

So, that's just an update, in case you're wondering. And possibly worrying about that book we said we'd review for you!

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