Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Official Temporary Hiatus and Not Currently Taking Requests

Any regular readers out there (I know we have some!) may have noticed the dramatic drop in reviews lately. A year of solid reviewing caught up to me, Cress is too busy to pick up my slack and I got reviewer's block. And the further behind I got, the harder it was to write anything. And frankly, the books were starting to blur together a bit when I tried to write about them.

So, rather than dragging out the whole painfully forcing out reviews, I'm OFFICIALLY announcing that reviews will start posting again from the start of July.

We will also not take any new review requests until then - not only do we have some very patient authors waiting still, but more have flooded in while I've been slacking. To those authors who've already sent us books, we'll be reading and reviewing them as normal, I just won't post anything until the 1st of July.

On the plus side,  I got to stop and read some completely unlesbian books that I didn't ever have to review, which gave my brain and perspective a rest, and a book just arrived in the post for me, and I viewed it with excitement and anticipation, rather than dread.

So, see you in a couple of weeks!

Edit: and poking around, I discovered that my Kindle has been hiding .doc files from me, which explains why I keep adding books to review and then wondering why I never bothered to add them to read and adding them again. Apparently I have to email them all to the Kindle before it will recognise them.

Edit again: Why not go play in the new forum til we get back? It's on trial, so if you hate it, say so. But it seemed like an easier way to talk to us if necessary.

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