Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Blacked Out for SOPA/PIPA

Good Lesbian Books is blacked out for the 18th January EST time* along with Wikipedia, Reddit and assorted other sites around the internet. Because if anyone should care about censorship, it should be the LGBTQ community (and librarians. And users of the internet. So it hits three of our buttons).

If you want to join in, there's a javascript utility and Wordpress plug in here (also has plenty of information about SOPA and PIPA if you're confused). It also demonstrates the effect it has.

If you're on Blogger or similar, just add the script right before the </body> tag in your HTML (this will also make it easy to find later).

Other sites joining in: (Are you doing it?)
MLG (Major League Gaming)
A Softer World
Greenpeace International

And a whole lot more on SOPA Strike

Google won't be shutting down, but will be displaying an anti-SOPA message

 *(approximately, time zones are weird!)

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