Friday, October 7, 2011

Time Travel Lesbian Fiction

This is a quick round up of all the lesbian time travel fiction I can find. Most are romances across the centuries, or modern day women thrown back into the 19th and early 20th century. A few are science fiction stories of time travellers bouncing happily around the past and the future. Very few involve actually travelling to the future. Many, but not all, of these books also appear in the lesbian historical fiction list.

The dates are listed in the direction of travel (E.g. 2050-2010 means a traveller from the future who came back to 2010, while present day - 1907 means someone who went back into the past from about nowish).
  • Christabel by Karin Kallmaker (Manhattan; early colony-present day)
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    • About two girls who fell in love when one of them wandered outside her little colony and met a beautiful native American girl. Unfortunately an evil man destroys them and traps them in a magical fate, bound together in endless reincarnations until they finally manage to meet again in modern day New York, in the world of fashion and business.


    1. You can add to the list:

      Renegade by Cheyne Curry (21st century to 19th century)